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The explosive growth of mobile traffic is transforming the overall network access market and reshaping network infrastructures. Coupled with this, the growth in traditional areas such as triple play services, VPN services, and converged networks are reducing overall network equipment life cycles, and creating the need for sustained innovation by equipment manufacturers.

Routers and switches are being driven by performance and value-add services. Traditional networking has evolved into multi-function systems which integrate control and the data plane. Hardware-centric solutions are now being phased out in favor of flexible software-centric solutions, while consumerization of IT and evolving security threats are shrinking product life cycles. The scalability of the TILE-Gx processor family extends the life cycle of solutions based around the architecture, while delivering the performance needed for routing.

Tilera is able to deliver high performance for multi-function workloads with lower power requirements enabling greater processing in a fixed power budget for mid and high-end routers. When it comes to mid-range and branch office routers, Tilera delivers the best performance/watt, performance/cost, and high integration enabling reduction of BOM. A TILE-Gx36 processor delivers

  • 40 Gbps of L2 bridging with VLAN hash lookup
  • 40 Gbps of simple flow forwarding
  • 40 Gbps of LPM IP forwarding
  • 40 Gbps of IP forwarding or routing with/without NAT
  • 40 Gbps flow/policy-based routing