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TILEncore-Gx Intelligent Application Adapters

The TILEncore-Gx family of intelligent application adapter cards in a PCI Express form-factor deliver high-performance, scalable, and power-efficient acceleration and offload to servers and embedded appliances. With a range of compute from Tilera’s 9-core TILE-Gx9 to the flagship 72-core TILE-Gx72, these adapter cards bring impressive new “software-defined” capabilities to existing systems.  The TILEncore-Gx adapters include on-board DDR3 memory, from two to eight 10Gb Ethernet ports, and a suite of x86 drivers plus pre-ported offload and acceleration libraries, enabling rapid time-to-market.

  • TILEmpower-Gx Platform

    TILEmpower-Gx Platforms

    The TILEmpower-Gx is a robust and feature-rich 1RU platform featuring Tilera's powerful TILE-Gx™ family of processors, expandable memory and multiple 10Gbps and 1Gbps Ethernet ports. Coupled with a standard Linux distribution, the TILEmpower is a full Linux, high throughput, appliance ideal for evaluating the TILE-Gx processors.


    The new TILEmpower-Gx72 platform with 72 processor cores and 80Gbps of high-speed Ethernet I/O.


  • TILEmpower-Gx-FR Platform

    TILEmpower-Gx-FR Platforms

    Tilera’s new TILEmpower-Gx-FR platform offers high-availability features such as redundant hot-swap AC or DC power supplies and field-replaceable fan trays. It also incorporates the hardware security features for FIPS-140, level 3 appliance certification such as tamper switches and protected baffled vents.



  • TILExtreme

    TILExtreme-Gx Platforms

    The TILExtreme-Gx platforms, featuring Tilera’s TILE-Gx manycore processors, delivers the utmost compute density with up to 288 cores and 32x10Gbps Ethernet ports in a 1RU appliance. The TILExtreme provides the highest performance 1RU appliance while slashing power, cooling, space, and weight costs.


    The TILExtreme-Gx Duo is the world’s highest-performance communications server with eight TILE-Gx processors totaling 288 cores. Thirty two 10Gb Ethernet ports provide massive I/O.

    TILExtreme-Gx Duo