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  • TILE-IQ: Heterogeneous Computing is Here

    • Accelerate and offload x86 Processors
    • Enabling SDN, NFV and Embedded Systems
    • TILE-IQ Brings Together:
       – Hardware
       – Software
       – Applications

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  • TILE-Gx: World's Highest Performance Processor

    • Industry-leading performance/watt/sq-in
    • Broadest scalability: From 9 to 72 cores
    • Up to 100Gbps networking throughput
    • Standard Linux and C/C++ software environment

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  • Turbocharging Datacenters: Best Performance/Watt/$

    • Accelerating SDN and NFV workloads
    • Plug-in Intelligent Application Adapters
    • 5-6x performance per watt
    • Standard Linux and C/C++ software environment

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  • Network Intelligence

    • Unparalleled performance and performance/watt
    • Intelligent compute offload
    • Standard programming and flexibility

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  • Powering Next Generation Video

    • Triple video capacity in each server
    • Slash CapEx and OpEx
    • Speed up migration to live video

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Intrusion Detection/Prevention

Next generation multi-threaded Intrusion detection and prevention solution, delivering 20Gbps throughput.