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Tilera is backed by Bessemer Venture Partners, Walden International and Columbia Capital.

  • Bessemer Venture Partners

    Bessemer Venture Partners (BVP)

    Bessemer Venture Partners (BVP) is the oldest venture capital practice in the United States. With offices in Silicon Valley, Boston, New York, Shanghai, Mumbai, and Bangalore, the firm manages more than US$1 billion of venture funds, carrying on a tradition of hands-on, active venture investing that has continued since 1911. Over 100 Bessemer companies have gone public, including American Superconductor, Ciena, Gartner Group, Ingersoll Rand, International Paper, Maxim, Parametric, Perseptive Biosystems, Staples, VeriSign, Veritas and W.R. Grace.

  • Walden International

    Walden International

    Founded in 1987, Walden International is an established global venture capital firm headquartered in San Francisco. With committed capital of over US$1.6 billion, Walden invests in entrepreneurs and companies that demonstrate an ability to gain a competitive advantage in the markets they serve. Investments are focused on four key industry sectors: communications, electronics/digital consumer, software & IT services, and semiconductors.

  • Columbia Capital

    Columbia Capital

    Columbia Capital is a venture capital firm specializing in the communications and information technology industries. Founded in 1989, the firm has invested nearly $1 billion in companies that have significant potential to benefit from major industry trends, grow substantially over a period of three to eight years, and remain viable and profitable enterprises over the long term. The firm's experienced investment team has managed investments in approximately 100 companies in the communications and information technology sectors, ranging from small, early-stage investments to multibillion-dollar public companies.