EZchip provides high-performance, data-path, processing solutions for a wide range of applications in carrier, cloud and data center networks, and empowers scalable virtualized SDN and NFV based networks. 

EZchip’s broad portfolio of solutions includes network processors, multicore processors, intelligent network adapters, and high-performance appliances with a comprehensive software ecosystem, that scale to terabit performance levels.

EZchip's processing solutions excel at providing high performance and exceptional flexibility coupled with superior integration and power efficiency. EZchip’s solutions are integrated into routers and a variety of networking platforms from world leading Tier-1 vendors.

EZchip Semiconductor Ltd. is a public company traded on NASDAQ Global Market and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (symbol EZCH).

Q2 2015 Conference Call
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Upcoming Events
 Linley Processor Conference 2015 | Oct. 6-7 | Santa Clara, CA
 White Box Strategies for CSPs | Nov. 17 | Santa Clara, CA
 Carrier Network Virtualization | Nov. 30 - Dec. 2 | Palo Alto, CA

Recent Events
> Linley Carrier Conference 2015
 Foundation for High-performance, Open and Flexible Software and Services in the Carrier Network
> Linley Data Center Conference 2015
 Accelerating the Data Plane with the Breakthrough TILE-Mx Manycore Processor

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 NFV Acceleration with the EZchip NPS‑400 Network Processor White Paper (511KB)
​ Challenges in Implementing High-Performance SDN and NFV Systems (1.6MB)
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Mellanox Technologies, Ltd. Announces Definitive Agreement to Acquire EZchip

Radisys and EZchip Announce Partnership to Solve Mobile Operators’ Service Scalability Challenges; Collaboration establishes required foundation for SDN deployment

EZchip Announces Record Second Quarter 2015 Results: Q2 Revenues Increase 28% Year-Over-Year to $28.3 Million

EZchip Highlights New Router Opportunities for NPS, Unleashed by Networking Market Dynamics

ZTE Selects EZchip’s NPS-400 for Carrier Routers

EZchip Announces First Quarter 2015 Results; Provides Update on Status of NPS Adoption

EZchip Introduces High Performance Transparent SSL Proxy Application for Network Monitoring and Security Vendors

EZchip Announces Authorization of Share Repurchase Plan

EZchip Introduces TILE-Mx100 World’s Highest Core-Count ARM Processor Optimized for High-Performance Networking Applications

In the Press 

100 ARM Cortex-A53 Cores on One Chip
May 22, 2015 | William Wong

EZchip Pitches New Chips at NFV
Mar. 24, 2015 | Ray Le Maistre

EZchip packs 100 ARM cores into one networking chip | Feb. 23, 2015